Country Number Subject Issue date OJEU notice Design Photo
Austria, Cyprus, Ireland, Netherlands0
Germany, Greece, Latvia, Monaco, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain1
Andorra, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, San Marino, Vatican City2
Andorra 1 Our Lady of Meritxell Not found
Andorra 2 Taking care of our seniors Not found
Belgium 1 100th anniversary of Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union 2 August Not found
Belgium 2 500th anniversary of the Carolus guilder Not found
Estonia 1 Finno-Ugric peoples 16 June Not found
Estonia 2 The wolf OJEU Not found
Finland 1 Journalism 14 April OJEU Not found
Finland 2 100th anniversary of autonomy for Aland 13 August OJEU Not found
France 1 75th anniversary of UNICEF 16 March OJEU Not found
France 2 Handover of the Olympic flag 21 September Not found
Germany 1 Saxony-Anhalt - Magdeburg Cathedral 26 January OJEU Not found
Greece 1 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence 22 April OJEU Not found
Italy 1 150th anniversary of the declaration of Rome as capital of Italy 26 January OJEU Not found
Italy 2 Health professionals 22 June OJEU Not found
Latvia 1 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia 20 January OJEU Not found
Lithuania 1 &Zcirc;uvintas biosphere reserve 19 May OJEU Not found
Lithuania 2 Lithuanian Dzūkija Not found
Luxembourg 1 100th anniversary of birth of Grand Duke Jean 15 April OJEU Not found
Luxembourg 2 40th wedding anniversary of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa 15 April OJEU Not found
Malta 1 Heroes of the pandemic 2 August Not found
Malta 2 The prehistoric site of Tarxien Temples Not found
Monaco 1 10th anniversary of the marriage of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene Not found
Portugal 1 Presidency of the European Council 4 January OJEU Not found
Portugal 2 2021 Summer Olympic Games 18 May Not found
San Marino 1 450th anniversary of death of Caravaggio 1 March Not found
San Marino 2 550th anniversary of birth of Albrecht Dürer 27 August Not found
Slovakia 1 100th anniversary of the birth of Alexander1Dubĉek November Not found
Slovenia 1 200th anniversary of the museum of Kranj Not found
Spain 1 City of Toledo 10 March OJEU Not found
Vatican City 1 450th anniversary of the death of Caravaggio 25 June Not found
Vatican City 2 700th anniversary of death of Dante Aligheri Not found